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Only One Wish

While some of my favorite manga of all time are books that never seem to have an ending anytime soon like: XXXHolic, One Piece, Berserk, or even Tsubasa (that one is ending fairly soon); I really enjoy stand alone volumes of manga. It means I don’t have to buy any more and I didn’t have to read anything before hand.

Only One Wish is pretty much a collection of short stories that the title implies. You can send a text a message to a certain address a cute little witch girl will appear and grant you just one wish.

There is also a special story that confused me a little bit, because it features characters from Ikumi’s Tokyo Mew Mew series. The narration of the stories just seems to go everywhere and it can get a little confusing. The art itself is really pretty to look at, but following the panels proved to be a little difficult to follow. Unfortunately just one of the four stories doesn’t make this book really memorable.

The World I Create

Remember the review I just did? That I was really good at telling magical girls apart? Well, this wasn’t the case when I looked at this cover. The first thing I noticed was the pupils missing off the girl’s eyes.

So I thought she was going to be a robot or a zombie (yeah right). This book is a collection of four stand alone stories set in the world of “Projectionists”.

To be a Projectionist is the ability to create worlds and things using your magical power and your imagination. Of course, this takes practice so students have to go to school to improve their skills. Unfortunately the story seems repetitive and runs dry after the first two short stories.

Even though the stories take place at a high school the art makes them look so much younger that captures that sense of innocence.

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Justice League Crisis on Two Earths: Review

Justice League Crisis on Two Earths

The Justice League Crisis on Two Earths is written in such a way that it changes the fan’s view of comic stories. It has an action-driven storyline written in the style of the Justice League animated TV series. The story has the right mix of drama and superheroes. The movie starts with Jester breaking up into a top-secret facility to steal a device known as the Quantum Trigger. Now, the DC superheroes need to get the device back; but this is not how it is, in an alternate reality. Jester and Luthor are the good guys who are stealing the Quantum Trigger for a reason, and the “heroes” are the bad guys. Jester and Luthor seek help from the Justice League team to protect the Quantum Trigger.

Justice League Crisis on Two Earths

A Better World:

The theme where the Justice League team encounters an evil alternate version of themselves is portrayed in the episodes “A Better World.” The same idea is used in Crisis on Two Earths but the similarity ends there, and the story has a different plot which stands out on its own. The characters are given new looks; Superman has some terrific looks and Wonder woman is also made to look better. The criminal villains and the heroic Justice League team perform exceptionally well, and they steal the show with an excellent performance.

The animation done in the movie is also good, and every scene in the film is animated. Even the things that are happening in the background are given importance, and they are animated. The artwork details in the movie are so perfect and are somewhat similar to the style of Green Lantern’s First fight and Wonder woman.  However, some of the scenes like the breaking of the wall could have been better; the part of the wall that falls was colored differently from the rest of the walls. Apart from that, each scene is brought out clearly by the co-directors Lauren Montgomery and Sam Liu.

The Script:

The villains in the movie get a character development, and the romance that is executed by Martian Manhunter is genuine, it may seem a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but you will get used to it. The script is written beautifully written; it is quite straightforward and portrays the human drama. The movie talks about a little bit about the philosophy of free will and how the choices we make give rise to alternate worlds; this is the driving force behind the plot of the movie. The story tries to focus on alternative earth, the people over there and the authorities who do not care about the crimes that happen.

The movie is brilliant, and you can watch it as a standalone movie or as a part of the DACU Justice League. Batman fans may get quite upset as he is the only one who does not have actual superpowers and thus he needs to rely on his ability to anticipate things which are about to happen.



10 Best DC COMICS Stories of All Time

Tower of Babel

DC Comics is one of the best comic book publishing units in the world. The company was founded in the year 1934, and it is one of the oldest and largest comic book publishing companies. Some of the famous characters of the comics are Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow, Hawkman, etc. A renowned series, known as Detective Comics, where Batman’s debut was featured, became quite popular and it eventually became the name of the publishers.

Tower of Babel

The following are the top 10 DC Comic stories of all time:

The Dark Knight Returns:

Almost all the comic book fans know about the Dark Knight Returns. It was published in the year 1986, and the comic is loaded with political commentary and social criticism. Batman comes out of retirement to fight against Gotham city, and he is threatened by villains like Two-Face and the Joker. It is a beautiful story where a hero never lets-go even when he is in a difficult situation.

All-star Superman:

Instead of reinventing Superman, the All-Star Superman shows us why we loved Superman in the first place. The story explains the noble character of Superman. After learning that he is going to die, Superman wants to do everything he can to make the world a better place.

The return of Barry Allen:

Accepting the new flash was quite hard for some fans. The story is about how Wally West becomes a real hero. He struggles to find a place in the world and inspires many fans, especially if they had been compared to someone else their whole life.

Tower of Babel:

Batman is a paranoid individual and needs to rely on his ability to anticipate the events that are about to happen. Batman keeps all the files of the members of the Justice League just in case he needs to take someone down. The story talks about what will happen to people who fall into the wrong hands.

Sinestro Corps War:

With the help of Parallax, a rival group is created to fight against the Green Lantern Corps. The story goes on where the Sinestro Corps learned that the people of Earth were brave and did not fear them.


Wonder Women takes a vow to protect a young girl named Danielle Wellys. Batman then shows up to capture Danielle for her previous crimes.

JSA: The Golden Age:

The story involves the members of the Justice Society of America who had retired after the World War II. They are trying to adjust to the life after the war when no one respects them or their ideas.