Black Jack

It’s hard to believe that I have been reading nine volumes in the Doctor’s adventures (no not that Doctor, but Black Jack). Like the previous books, this volume is oversized with 14 different stand alone stories. Black Jack is a complex individual; he is a man who professes to care only about money but who is deeply concerned for the well-being of all his patients. He is a man with no limits in the medical field and even though he works miracles, not everyone has a happy ending. The stories are a fantastic mix of sci-fi, romance, horror, and of the human will to survive. My favorite in this collection is called You Did It. It’s about a brother trying to avenge the murder of his older brother by killing the guy that did it. As it turns out the brother turns the knife on himself so he doesn’t have to get killed too. For some reason the brother looks a bit like Astro Boy, which is okay in my book. I love how Tezuka makes the secondary characters as important as the protagonist. How could you not think that Pinoko is the most adorable sidekick ever? Camelliah Nieh does a stupendous job with the translations making the characters sound so real and as true to the Japanese as possible. I literally read the book from cover to cover twice and have passed it around to other friends to get them to read comics. If you are a fan of House, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, or even Scrubs you are missing out on such a great series if you aren’t reading this book

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