Character Profiles

They’ve come and gone in the limelight of marvel lore, but it seems the symbiotes are quite ‘back’ as of late. The Mighty ANDNew Avengers are about to encounter a ‘Venom-Virus’ somehow involving Dr. Doom and a New York city chock full ‘o’ those crazy gooey suckers scraping and drooling at our most favorite marvel teamsters, and the self-proclaimed Aboutheroes expert on symbiotes (all of them) is here to lay it all down for you as all-encompassing and nutshell-esque as possible.


The symbiote first came to earth after Spider-Man, anybody who’s seen Spidey 3 has a close version of what happened, but here’s the skinny. Spidey was on the Beyonder’s planet during the first Secret War when his costume got thrashed and he found what he thought was a new one. Nope! It’s an alien that wants to crawl inside of you and eat your mind, or whatever, it seems to change depending on who’s writing. Spidey finds out and gets rid of it. By going up to the top of a church and letting the bells inside of the tower rattle his noodle around a bit, thus weakening the symbiote, which is vulnerable to sonics and fire.

ENTER EDDIE BROCK! Reporter recently proven to be wrong about who the “Sin-Eater” was, who hated Spidey a lot. He’s in church praying for forgiveness for what he’s about to do (which is kill himself). Buuuut, the costume finds him as it slinks away, rejected by Spidey, and the two make a wonderful psychotic couple. Venom. La-dee-dah, Venom hates Spidey a lot and constantly pops up throughout the 90’s falling into and out of various truces with the web-head, always upholding a twisted sense of brutal justice and earning himself the nickname, the Lethal Protector. While in after one of his earlier stints, Eddie (seperated from the symbiote) roomed up with crazy hillbilly killer, Cletus Kasady. Before you know it, the symbiote busts Eddie out of jail for more Venom-escapades, but not without squirting out an ‘offspring’ to bond with Cletus.

ENTER CARNAGE: One of the worst and best characters from the 90’s, Carnage killed a lot of people because he thought it was fun. That’s it. Venom first teams up with Spidey to right the wrong that his Symbiote did giving the madman the means to commit mass murder on such a vicious and epic scale. After repeated episodes of Spidey and Venom going after the Symbiote hillbilly, Venom busts into the cell where Carnage is being held, and proceeds to eat the symbiote. No more Carnage.

WRONG! Cletus breaks out and follows Spidey through a portal to some crazy space planet (haven’t read the issue in quite some time) and finds another Symbiote! Woo! He’s back! Buuuut, nothing that significant really happens with him before symbiotes go out of style…

RETURN OF THE SLIMY TONGUE KING: Venom comes back on the scene about 3 and a half years ago, only now he has cancer. Poor Eddie, the symbiote doesn’t like him anymore. It wants to leave him. Tough Noogies! Spidey tricks it into staying with Eddie until Eddie’s through. It’s worth noting that there was a Venom series here where there was a Venom clone and it was all super-spy government laden and la-dee-dah, but trust me, it didn’t make a wink of sense, forget it.