Deadman Wonderland

After reading manga, comics, and novels for over 25 years you get kind of numb when something new comes out. In your head you already have an idea what the story is going to be about before you turn to the first page (all this based on the cover of course). So the first thing I say out loud when I look at this cover is: “ohh here we go a rip-off Eureka Seven!” I look at the creators and see they were the ones behind the previously mentioned book and I eat my words. I’m so glad it didn’t turn into a rip-off of E7 because damn, this book was a great read. In a futuristic world Ganta Igarashi is accused of murdering all his classmates and is sent to a weird prison known as Deadman Wonderland. This is place is like an amalgam of a new age coliseum meets Arkham Asylum and this kid has to survive in this world. But he won’t be doing it alone. He is helped out along the way by a girl named Shiro, who possesses strange abilities and a mysterious past. The pacing is great and the action scenes are riveting. I’m serious the book has some of the most dynamic art I have ever seen in a comic. I loved it; at times it felt like I was reading Warren Ellis or Grant Morrison. I can’t wait till the second volume to pick it up.

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