Justice League Crisis on Two Earths

Justice League Crisis on Two Earths: Review

The Justice League Crisis on Two Earths is written in such a way that it changes the fan’s view of comic stories. It has an action-driven storyline written in the style of the Justice League animated TV series. The story has the right mix of drama and superheroes. The movie starts with Jester breaking up into a top-secret facility to steal a device known as the Quantum Trigger. Now, the DC superheroes need to get the device back; but this is not how it is, in an alternate reality. Jester and Luthor are the good guys who are stealing the Quantum Trigger for a reason, and the “heroes” are the bad guys. Jester and Luthor seek help from the Justice League team to protect the Quantum Trigger.

Justice League Crisis on Two Earths

A Better World:

The theme where the Justice League team encounters an evil alternate version of themselves is portrayed in the episodes “A Better World.” The same idea is used in Crisis on Two Earths but the similarity ends there, and the story has a different plot which stands out on its own. The characters are given new looks; Superman has some terrific looks and Wonder woman is also made to look better. The criminal villains and the heroic Justice League team perform exceptionally well, and they steal the show with an excellent performance.

The animation done in the movie is also good, and every scene in the film is animated. Even the things that are happening in the background are given importance, and they are animated. The artwork details in the movie are so perfect and are somewhat similar to the style of Green Lantern’s First fight and Wonder woman.  However, some of the scenes like the breaking of the wall could have been better; the part of the wall that falls was colored differently from the rest of the walls. Apart from that, each scene is brought out clearly by the co-directors Lauren Montgomery and Sam Liu.

The Script:

The villains in the movie get a character development, and the romance that is executed by Martian Manhunter is genuine, it may seem a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but you will get used to it. The script is written beautifully written; it is quite straightforward and portrays the human drama. The movie talks about a little bit about the philosophy of free will and how the choices we make give rise to alternate worlds; this is the driving force behind the plot of the movie. The story tries to focus on alternative earth, the people over there and the authorities who do not care about the crimes that happen.

The movie is brilliant, and you can watch it as a standalone movie or as a part of the DACU Justice League. Batman fans may get quite upset as he is the only one who does not have actual superpowers and thus he needs to rely on his ability to anticipate things which are about to happen.



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