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    Drunk Comic Book History Chronicles

    This weekend sees the release of the film CHRONICLE. Directed by Josh Trank and written by Max Landis, the movie marks a really big debut for the two. Both filmmakers have a history with making YouTube videos, with Trank making viral fan films in the same found footage style (click here to see one). Max Landis is the guy behind DRUNK COMIC BOOK HISTORY and COOKING WITH COMICS. A fanboy take on the webseries Drunk History, Max recounts some popular Batman history to the camera while his friends reenact it in as cheaply as possible.I became a pretty big fan of these. Me and my friends still quote “No it…

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    Iron Man 2 News

    So….I have to say I’m shocked that I haven’t read this anywhere, but I have some pretty substantial Iron Man 2 news to reveal, and all parties involved in the production of the second movie have been amazingly sneaky about this… Well let me catch you up to speed in case you don’t troll the nerd lairs of the internet that cover subjects like comic movies and whatnot. Pretty soon after they released Iron Man Terrance Howard (who played James Rhodes aka War Machine-to-be) and asked him when they were going to start filming the second film, which Marvel slated to release in 2010 paired with Thor. He responded saying…

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    Cap’s Shield in Iron Man?!?

    So on a post in a community I usually check out, I saw a screen-grab from the Iron Man movie claiming that Captain America’s shield was hidden in Tony’s Workshop in the scene where Pepper walks in on him trying to get the Iron Man Armor off after his real first Iron-Many adventure. Well…I somehow magically procured a cam-copy of the movie (after paying for myself and 3 friends to see it in theaters) for the sole purpose of checking this out for myself, and I’ll be damned…here it is… Too hard to see? Here’s a closer look. I’ve gone ahead and darkened out the stuff around it and kinda…

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    Amazing Spider-Man #549 Review

    Writer: Marc GuggenheimArtist: Salvador LarrocaColors: Jason Keith The second month of Brand New Day begins and I’m still not that impressed. I’ve really wanted Salvador Larroca to draw a Spider-Man comic for some time now (not counting the Spider-Man: House of M mini series) and the art was pretty sweet for this issue. Still, the new status quo leaves a terrible taste in my mouth despite whatever creators are working on the book. The issue is pretty straightforward as Spidey tries to track down a new threat called Menace. Menace isn’t really shown in full in this issue. The issue opens with Spidey saving some workers whom are taking down…

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    Symbiote psa

    Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Symbiotes and was afraid to ask… They’ve come and gone in the limelight of marvel lore, but it seems the symbiotes are quite ‘back’ as of late. The Mighty AND New Avengers are about to encounter a ‘Venom-Virus’ somehow involving Dr. Doom and a New York city chock full ‘o’ those crazy gooey suckers scraping and drooling at our most favorite marvel teamsters, and the self-proclaimed Aboutheroes expert on symbiotes (all of them) is here to lay it all down for you as all-encompassing and nutshell-esque as possible. The symbiote first came to earth after Spider-Man, anybody who’s seen Spidey 3 has a…