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Drunk Comic Book History Chronicles

This weekend sees the release of the film CHRONICLE. Directed by Josh Trank and written by Max Landis, the movie marks a really big debut for the two.

Both filmmakers have a history with making YouTube videos, with Trank making viral fan films in the same found footage style (click here to see one).

Max Landis is the guy behind DRUNK COMIC BOOK HISTORY and COOKING WITH COMICS. A fanboy take on the webseries Drunk History, Max recounts some popular Batman history to the camera while his friends reenact it in as cheaply as possible.
I became a pretty big fan of these. Me and my friends still quote “No it doesn’t matter…I love you…instead be Robin.” or “OK! For the FORTIETH TIME! HE’S KILLING PEOPLE!”

So you can imagine my shock that the guy who did these now has a major motion picture coming out! (And my further shock to find out he’s the son of legendary director John Landis!)

Reviews for CHRONICLE have been pretty positive right now, but apparently Max hasn’t forgotten his roots….
Like Drunk History, he’s bringing out some A-List talent (and a nicer camera) to help bring his recount of the famous Superman storyline to life. Not sure if this will be done in same Drunk History style or if their doing something different, but I will watch it either way.

Also, I’m as much of a fan of Simon Pegg and Elijah Wood as the next guy, but I’m not gonna lie and say that I will miss the cast from his original videos.

That being said, Simon Pegg in a fake beard (is he playing Professor Hamilton?) can only mean greatness.

CHRONICLE is out today!

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