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    DVD Review: Secret of the Urn

    AnimEigoDirector: Hideo GoshaWriters: Hideo Gosha, Kei TasakaStars: Bin Amatsu, Keiko Awaji and Takuya Fujioka(From imdb.com) What they say: After losing both an eye and an arm to treachery while on a mission for his clan, Samanosuke (Kinnosuke NAKAMURA) becomes a ronin who calls himself TANGE Sazen. When a stolen urn that contains the secret to a treasure worth a million gold coins falls into his one remaining hand, all sorts of villains, including a high-ranking Shogunate minister, plot to relieve him of his burden — and his life. Unfortunately for them, TANGE has developed a unique and deadly one-handed fighting style, which means his enemies will have their hands full…

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    DVD Review: Revenge (Adauchi)

    AnimEigoDirector: Tadashi ImaiWriter: Shinobu HashimotoStars: Kinnosuke Nakamura, Takahiro Tamura and Tetsurô Tanba(From imdb.com) What they say: A minor quarrel escalates into a duel. A death creates a debt of honor. The demands of honor outweigh the demands of justice, and force friends to spill each other’s blood. And the need for victory requires the sacrifice of honor. One simple argument spawns death, madness, and a final confrontation that will leave the sandy soil soaked with blood. What I say: Revenge is a twisty tale of a duel gone wrong and how one little slight in the world of samurai can lead to major repercussions. The film is told out of…

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