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From Marvel Legends Series 10

It’s about time.

I’ve been waiting for years for a well-made action figure of Cyclops in his classic costume, and it’s finally been made for me, complete with puffy seventies boots and gloves. This is Cyclops from the Dark Phoenix saga, from his days at the forefront of the X-Men, before he became the progenitor of the most chronally-disfuntional family ever.

I really dig this figure – he’s got all the posability of Marvel Legends, without most of the problems that the overabundance of joints brings to most of the other figures in the line. His ball-joint shoulders are offset from his torso a little bit, but that’s the only articulation-related issue here. He’s also a little bulkier than he should be (he ain’t called “Slim” because of his Atlas-like physique), but that’s a classic problem in his depiction in the comics. His chin also seems a bit too prominent.

I’m not thrilled with the paint job, though. The entire figure (except for the exposed face) is covered in a black wash, which makes it look as if Cyclops has either just emerged from a sewer or he’s been changing the oil in the Blackbird. If Cyclops has been through so much that his uniform is so filthy, it ought to at least be torn a little bit somewhere.

My issues with the paint applications aren’t so great that they make me dislike the figure, however; this is a great depiction of Cyclops. It’s also the first Cyclops figure I can remember that doesn’t have a light-up visor. While I understand that ‘action features’ are anathema to the Marvel Legends line, it somehow doesn’t seem right that Cyclops’ visor doesn’t light up.

Cyclops comes with a clear base that plugs into his back (so he can fly, I suppose).

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