DVD Review

DVD Review: Revenge (Adauchi)

Director: Tadashi Imai
Writer: Shinobu Hashimoto
Stars: Kinnosuke Nakamura, Takahiro Tamura and Tetsurô Tanba
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What they say: A minor quarrel escalates into a duel. A death creates a debt of honor. The demands of honor outweigh the demands of justice, and force friends to spill each other’s blood. And the need for victory requires the sacrifice of honor.

One simple argument spawns death, madness, and a final confrontation that will leave the sandy soil soaked with blood.

What I say: Revenge is a twisty tale of a duel gone wrong and how one little slight in the world of samurai can lead to major repercussions. The film is told out of order with preparations for the final battle going on as we flash back to the events that brought us here. The life of a samurai was surely difficult, and always having to save face and be “honorable”. Honor is usually used against the lower ranks. And that truly comes into play in the tragic ending.

This film is fantastic! I really loved how to story came together and the writing was excellent. Performances were all very good. Even though the film is in black and white it looks stunning. A great transfer backed by a well shot film always is a treat for the eyes.

Film: 8/10
DVD: 10/10
Highly recommended!

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