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    Amazing Spider-Man #549 Review

    Writer: Marc GuggenheimArtist: Salvador LarrocaColors: Jason Keith The second month of Brand New Day begins and I’m still not that impressed. I’ve really wanted Salvador Larroca to draw a Spider-Man comic for some time now (not counting the Spider-Man: House of M mini series) and the art was pretty sweet for this issue. Still, the new status quo leaves a terrible taste in my mouth despite whatever creators are working on the book. The issue is pretty straightforward as Spidey tries to track down a new threat called Menace. Menace isn’t really shown in full in this issue. The issue opens with Spidey saving some workers whom are taking down…

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    Ultimate Spider-Man # 106-108 Review

    This Review was submitted by Spider-benUltimate Spider-Man #106-108“Ultimate Knights” Parts 1-3Writer: Brian Michael BendisPenciller: Mark Bagley Bagley’s last arc on Ultimate Spidey starts here. While I’m sad as can be to see him go, he sure is going out with a bang. The story starts off with MJ and Peter back together and completely happy. Aunt May still wants to have a heart to heart with Peter, but he insists it wait until she is out of the hospital. Peter takes MJ to the Fantastic Four to run some follow up tests, making sure she is alright from being injected with the OZ formula during the clone saga. Everything turns…

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    Marvel Zombies #1-5 Review

    4-21-06Marvel Zombies #1-5Writer: Robert KirkmanArtist: Sean PhillipsCovers: Arthur Suydam Looking to embark on a surreal adventure? Tired of the clichéd “hero vs. villain” comic book brawls? Have a craving for something decayed? Well, if you answered yes to the above look no further than “Marvel Zombies!” This five part mini series spins out of the Ultimate Fantastic Four “Crossover” story arc. In the “Crossover” story, Ultimate Reed discovered a parallel world full of Marvel Zombies. He barely escaped with the help of Magneto, who destroyed the machine and was left facing a world full of monsters. Where does the story go from here? Well, Robert Kirkman knew. Kirkman is famous…

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