Amazing Spider-Man #549 Review

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Salvador Larroca
Colors: Jason Keith

The second month of Brand New Day begins and I’m still not that impressed. I’ve really wanted Salvador Larroca to draw a Spider-Man comic for some time now (not counting the Spider-Man: House of M mini series) and the art was pretty sweet for this issue. Still, the new status quo leaves a terrible taste in my mouth despite whatever creators are working on the book.

The issue is pretty straightforward as Spidey tries to track down a new threat called Menace. Menace isn’t really shown in full in this issue. The issue opens with Spidey saving some workers whom are taking down the Daily Bugle letters after a small cameo attack by Menace. Spidey saves the workers and stops the giant letters from hitting the citizens on the ground. The spotlight of the issue focuses on Jackpot for the most part. Most signs point to MJ being Jackpot but nothing is confirmed just yet. Spidey is upset that a spider-tracer was found on a murder victim (continuing plot thread from last month’s arc) and Peter Parker meets his new boss at the Daily Bugle, a man named Dexter Bennett. Dexter thinks Peter is a great employee always running in and out and looking for news stories. Peter is still hanging out with Harry, Lily, and Carlie (I really don’t care for these characters, but whatever) and he wants to know if anyone has heard from MJ. Later on, Spidey runs into Jackpot again and actually hits her thinking her to be a goon of Menace’s. The authorities show up and Jackpot tells Spidey he is about to be arrested.

To quote the fastest Nick alive, “meh.” I just can’t get into this new status quo for Spidey. I like Dan Slott, Steve McNiven, and Salvador Larroca. But not even Stan Lee can save this new direction for Spidey. I hate that Harry is alive, I hate Peter being single again, and it seems like MJ is now a disco garbbed hero named Jackpot. I’m only picking the book up because I have to have my Spidey fix, but I am not enjoying the book like I used to. Thanks Joe Quesada, this issue gets another D from a long time spider-fan.

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