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Captain Britain and MI 13 # 1 Review

Author: Paul Cornell
Penciler: Leonard Kirk
Inker: Jesse Delperdang
Colors: Brian Reber

Does anyone know if this book is an ongoing or a miniseries? Because it seems like it’s another incarnation with a deserving Excalibur somewhere on that title. I really enjoyed Cornell’s Wisdom miniseries. I really though besides Warren Ellis, Paul Cornell is the only writer that has been able to write that character properly. I really thought this books was doomed when I read Secret Invasion on the cover. After those so called “tie-ins” that Bendis is putting us through in the Avengers titles, I really thought we were going to get a story about a boy Skrull and his dog Skrull with the revelation that they have been disguising themselves as Superpro and Nomad (RIP). Instead we get a really solid story with some promising future.

We revisit John the Skrull from the Wisdom mini and it is revealed that a high ranking British official is a Skrull. It seems that the Skrulls have it out for the Brits and want to take out the Siege Perilous. The hell you say? When was the last fucking time someone other than Claremont brought up the Siege Perilous? Who is going to stop these freaking aliens from crushing dear old England? Well, that’s where Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, John the Skrull, Black Knight, and Spitfire come in and each get a little spotlight. We even get the return of Alistaire Stuart….the man from W.H.O. It seems that Captain Britain has to divert a missile and save the magic and eventually the world and it seems like he is doing it no matter the cost.

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