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Catwoman # 77 Review

Writer: Will Pfeiffer
Penciller: David Lopez
Inker: Alvaro Lopez
Cover: Adam Hughes

Most of the time Adam Hughes’ covers don’t really bother me. They usually don’t have anything to do with the interior of the book. Half naked women with T&A everywhere, but hey he’s just doing what the editor tells him to do. While this issue is a tie-in with Salvation Run, with the exception of Joker, none of those villains make an appearance. I wonder how his All Star Wonder Woman is coming along? He’s been working on that since 2006?

While Pfeiffer manages to keep his title character in the spotlight amidst all the crossovers and tie-ins and this Salvation Run tie-in is no exception. Selina is still trapped in her fantasy world of Gotham City. Where she can do anything like take out Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, and even knock out Superman. Martian Manhunter reveals to her that it’s just her own mind she is in, not another world like she thought. She eventually breaks free of the machine and now must find a way off this hell planet.

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