About Heroes


Finally after 9 series, Toybiz took a hint that accessories weren’t cutting it. They took into account that including Howard the Duck in the package was not going to make people buy more Silver Surfers. Is there any better way to get fans to buy unwanted figures then to stick a piece of a figure everybody wants in the packaging? Probably not, this was a sure way that fans of Galactus were going to buy Deathlock or War Machine. In order to complete Galactus collectors had to buy: Professor X, Nightcrawler, Bullseye, Dr. Strange, War Machine, Deathlock and first appearance Hulk. So the chances of someone, other than the completist, buying a complete set was pretty small.

It’s safe to say that this is The Galactus figure; there have been others in the past, but previous attempts pale in comparison. He stands around 15″ tall and has 30 points of articulation, that’s quite a few for the devourer of worlds! I mean it’s not like he’s Spiderman swinging around from building to building or for that matter a dynamic character he is not. I mean he just stands there half the time and you know eats worlds with his machine. So they do a really good job of capturing his image. With the exception of his size that is, I mean if it was up to scale he would have to stand over 12 feet tall and do we really need a guy in a skirt sitting in your room like that? The sculpt on this figure is almost flawless, from the pattern on his skirt to the wings of his head. A collector would have to be real anal to pick out the weakness in the sculpt. The only thing I do want to point out is the big G on his chest, like we needed to be reminded that the guy that is over 500 feet tall and eating our world is named Galactus.

The paint application is damn good too; of course this figure is over 15″(including his bitching head gear) so I would be concerned if it wasn’t. A glossy tone is used for his metallic armor, such as his boots, gloves, armor and headgear. While flat paint is applied to his skin tone. They didn’t miss any spots either, if you look into the eye holes of his mask, you can see his red pupils. He looks very menacing and like he’s thinking about something, probably why he has a big-ass G on his chest. Believe it or not this figure holds up really well, for a figure that came in seven different pieces. Even when he falls over he holds really good, which I thought wa