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Iron Man 2 News

So….I have to say I’m shocked that I haven’t read this anywhere, but I have some pretty substantial Iron Man 2 news to reveal, and all parties involved in the production of the second movie have been amazingly sneaky about this…

Well let me catch you up to speed in case you don’t troll the nerd lairs of the internet that cover subjects like comic movies and whatnot. Pretty soon after they released Iron Man Terrance Howard (who played James Rhodes aka War Machine-to-be) and asked him when they were going to start filming the second film, which Marvel slated to release in 2010 paired with Thor. He responded saying he hoped to start filming withing a few months’ time. This was cool to hear because the sooner they start shooting, the sooner we can start to scrounge up all sorts of set reports and images and see how the movie is shaping up. Well a few days after John Favreau came out and said in an interview that he had no idea where Terrance had heard of this shooting schedule and that he wasn’t even sure he was going to be able to adhere to the ambitious schedule Marvel had laid out for him. His reason for this was because it took 3 years to make the first movie and he wanted to make sure that it was going to be a good movie, thus needed to be able to take that necessary time. This was understandable but still disheartening to hear. Well my friends, it seems that is all a ruse.

While I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, catching up on how he’s doing, he relayed an interesting story to me that occurred while he was shooting a music video for a friend of his in Griffith Park (where the Hollywood sign is). A park employee was showing them where they were going to be shooting, and while walking past a certain trail, the park employee asked them politely to be quite in that particular area. They asked him why and he said “Iron Man 2 has been shooting here for three weeks.