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    Midweek Manga Reviews: We’re Back!

    Castlevania Curse of Darkness vol. 1Story & Art: Kou SasakuraTranslation: Ray YoshimotoAdaptation: Jeremy BlackPublisher: Tokyopop As a kid I don’t there was a better videogame experience then locking my room in the middle of the night and playing through Castlevania in the middle of a storm. All the sense of excitement and horror was intensified by the crack of thunder. This is the first time I have read a Castlevania comic. I wasn’t at all interested in the IDW series, but the cover to Curse of Darkness really got my attention. Although this particular manga is not based on Simon Belmont’s story, it is based on one of my favorite…

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    Dororo vols. 2 & 3

    Dororo vols. 2 & 3Story & Art: Osamu TezukaTranslation: Dawn T. LaabsPublisher: Vertical It’s really hard to read a book by Osamu Tezuka knowing you are going to be reviewing it. It’s hard because how do you review the guy that set the standard for manga, hell not only manga but comics in general. I know Omar reviewed the first volume and loved it, but when he passed these down to me I just didn’t know what to critique. Dororo is a manga about a man named Hyakkimaru who was robbed of 48 of his body parts by the devil. Not your usual happy starting point from the man that…

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    Midweek Manga Reviews: It’s Friday!

    Dr. Slump vol. 15Story & Art: Akira ToriyamaTranslation: Alexander O. SmithPublisher: Viz I always wondered if his editors at the time had made Toriyama keep going with this series if it would have turned into something like Dragon Ball Z. I can see it now: Dr Slump Zeta!!! It’s a good thing that his editors weren’t that pushy back then. There is a new kid in the Norimaki household and his name is Turbo! If you were expecting a normal baby without powers, well you are reading the wrong manga! After being ran over by a spaceship and brought back to life Turbo develops telekinetic powers and that makes changing…

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    Midweek Manga Reviews: From The return of Akira Toriyama to Hitting a Wall

    Cowa!Story & Art: Akira ToriyamaTranslation: Alexander O. SmithPublisher: Viz Being a Toriyama fan has been really hard over the years. After reading everything he has done and collecting the Japanese tonkabon, it gets really hard to wait for the next Toriyama project. I remember seeing Cowa pictures a few years back, but I’m really glad Viz went on and brought the manga over to the States. This particular work contains all of the things people expect of Toriyama; action, gags, and Toriyama’s signature drawing style with a kiddie twist. There are also elements in this book I have never seen in a Toriyama book; a real kiddie simple story, that…

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    Midweek Manga Reviews: From Headache Remedies to Addictive Online Games!

    Aspirin vol. 1Story & Art: Eun-Jeong KimTranslation: Soo-Kyung KimAdaptation: Che GilsonPublisher: Tokyopop I’m not sure how many reviews you are going to read that include a joke about having a headache and getting some Aspirin…so I will spare you the lame intro and just move on to the book. Hell, even in the back of the book they make a joke about temporary relief of pains and side effects. I guess I really didn’t do that good of a job at sparing you a lame intro, sorry. Lord When Ondar accidently breaks the crystal orb he accidentally releases three powerful demons loose and King Dan-Goon orders the fool Ondar to…

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    Midweek Manga Reviews: Back From Japan!

    Berserk vols. 21 & 22Story & Art: Kentaro MiuraTranslation: Duane JohnsonPublisher: Dark Horse Alright, it has been a while since we have done manga reviews. Getting married and going on your honeymoon does put a damper on things. But, we are back and took some manga to read with us on the plane. Of course you know that I had to take Berserk with me, I have stated before that every time I get a new volume, I put everything else I’m doing down and read non-stop. There is nothing better than the sensation you get when reading about demons eating and destroying humans while your plane hits some heavy…

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    Book Review: Batman Vs. The Incredible Hulk

    This review was submitted by Jeff Hartz. Writer: Len WeinArtists: Jose Luis Garcia LopezDick Giordano Okay, so I have a couple of reasons for submitting this review. Number one is the fact that while we wait for Omar and Melanie to return from their wonderful honeymoon, it’s time for some of us to step up and provide some filler for the website. Number two is that with both “The Incredible Hulk” and “The Dark Knight” hitting theatres this summer, it sounds like the right time to look back at this 1981 classic. You can find this story in The Crossover Classics Volume One trade paperback, unless you’re really old like…

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    Iron Man 2 News

    So….I have to say I’m shocked that I haven’t read this anywhere, but I have some pretty substantial Iron Man 2 news to reveal, and all parties involved in the production of the second movie have been amazingly sneaky about this… Well let me catch you up to speed in case you don’t troll the nerd lairs of the internet that cover subjects like comic movies and whatnot. Pretty soon after they released Iron Man Terrance Howard (who played James Rhodes aka War Machine-to-be) and asked him when they were going to start filming the second film, which Marvel slated to release in 2010 paired with Thor. He responded saying…

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    Serenity: Better Days miniseries Review

    This review was submitted by Hero 004Publisher: Dark Horse Writer: Joss Whedon/Brett Matthews Artists: Will Conrad- Pencils, Michelle Madison-Colors Serenity is one of my favorite movies. It’s one of those films that I suggest to everyone, even if they’re not into science fiction. It takes watching the fantastic preceding TV series, Firefly, to truly appreciate the cinematic level that Joss Whedon takes his genre-Defying story with the feature film. Serenity is so one of a kind, in fact, that the chances for a sequel look very dim. So when a three issue comic miniseries taking place in between the Show and movie, written by Whedon himself, and containing 150 pages…

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    Manga Spotlight: xxxHolic

    This Review was Submitted by Thomas Pfeiffer Story & Art: CLAMPPublisher: Del Rey Watanuki’s a normal teenaged high school kid, well except for the fact that he’s suffering from the Ichigo epidemic of seeing ghosts and ghoulies, who accidentally stumbles into a mystic shop run by an arrogant, crazy lush named Yuko, the space-time witch. Yuko’s specialty just so happens to be in fixing people’s “problems” in exchange for something equally important. For Watanuki that happens to be his “ghost-seeing” problem in exchange for Watanuki becoming the indentured servant for the witch. Watanuki’s day to day adventures include cooking, cleaning, shopping, acquiring the latest alcoholic beverage Yuko has the taste…

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