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    Harbinger: The Beginning Review

    This Review was submitted by Dennis Feeback By Jim Shooter, David Lapham, and Bob Hall The Scoop: This 192-page deluxe hardcover edition collects the full Harbinger origin story from Harbinger issues 0-7 digitally recolored and remastered, and also features an all-new “Origin of Harada” story written by comics legend JIM SHOOTER and illustrated by BOB HALL (Shadowman). This “Origin of Harada” story includes its own original cover and features the first appearance of a new character in the Valiant Universe! Valiant’s goal is to make this deluxe hardcover edition something special for Valiant fans an

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    Crying Freeman Manga Review

    Story: Kazuo KoikeArtist: Ryochi IkegamiTranslation: Kumar SivasubramanianPublisher: Dark Horse You might recall that during the ending of our manga podcast I briefly mentioned the name Ryoichi Ikegami. I was specifically talking about his work on Crying Freeman and Sanctuary. This put the idea in my head of going back and reading all those comics that I had from Viz back in the day. Then I noticed that just recently Dark Horse had released 5 omnibus trades collecting the series uncut in its original right to left format. I know the wonderful job they have been doing with the Gun Smith Cats trades, so I was really excited about reading them…

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    Monday Manga Reviews: Bleach, Exaxxion, Naruto

    Monday Manga Reviews: Bleach, Exaxxion, Naruto, Evangelion, Mermaid Melody, and Shakugan No Shana! Bleach Volume 21Story & Art: Tite KuboEnglish Adaptation: Lance CaselmanPublisher: Viz After the Soul Society story arc that lasted for over 15 volumes do you think that Kubo is going to let Ichigo and co. rest? Hell no! We get back to business. Everyone but Rukia returns to the land of the living to get back to everyday life and Ichigo is given a deputy pass to return to Soul Society whenever he pleases. Everything is quiet for about a chapter and then we are introduced to the new kid in class Shinji Hirako, who happens to…

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    Symbiote psa

    Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Symbiotes and was afraid to ask… They’ve come and gone in the limelight of marvel lore, but it seems the symbiotes are quite ‘back’ as of late. The Mighty AND New Avengers are about to encounter a ‘Venom-Virus’ somehow involving Dr. Doom and a New York city chock full ‘o’ those crazy gooey suckers scraping and drooling at our most favorite marvel teamsters, and the self-proclaimed Aboutheroes expert on symbiotes (all of them) is here to lay it all down for you as all-encompassing and nutshell-esque as possible. The symbiote first came to earth after Spider-Man, anybody who’s seen Spidey 3 has a…

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    It’s Superman Review

    It’s Superman!Where do we place superman in our minds? I for one, and I don’t believe myself to be alone in this, always picture Superman growing up in my life, watching his choices as a young Clark Kent as a foil to my own, stating that if I was a better man, I would have done what Superman would have done. I when a rare occasion I feel as though my deeds would honor the man of steel, a man without a flashlight, I feel as my pride could stop bullets. He’s the icon, the image, the man who came not from our world yet exemplifies all that it is…

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    Finally after 9 series, Toybiz took a hint that accessories weren’t cutting it. They took into account that including Howard the Duck in the package was not going to make people buy more Silver Surfers. Is there any better way to get fans to buy unwanted figures then to stick a piece of a figure everybody wants in the packaging? Probably not, this was a sure way that fans of Galactus were going to buy Deathlock or War Machine. In order to complete Galactus collectors had to buy: Professor X, Nightcrawler, Bullseye, Dr. Strange, War Machine, Deathlock and first appearance Hulk. So the chances of someone, other than the completist,…